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Study Guide Chapter Four

  • Who were the Black Seminoles?
  • What was a maroon ?
  • Who was president during the War of 1812?
  • List at least four facts about the cows brought to Florida by the Spanish.
  • When was the First Seminole War? What started it? When did it end?
  • What famous cattleman became a general in the American Army?
  • When did Florida become a United States Territory?
  • Which route (named for a Spanish explorer) did pioneers use to migrate to Florida?
  • What were the first homes built by pioneers called?
What were they made of ?
What was the historic coontie (koonti) plant used for?
What did the early pioneers call the armadillo?
When was the Treaty of Moultrie Creek signed? What did it do?
When was the Second Seminole War? What started it? When did it end?
Name at least two of the many forts established by the military during the Second Seminole War.
Who was Osceola?
Where did the famous artist James audubon stydy and paint flocks of birds?
Why were egrets killed in abundance?
How long was a typical cattle drive?
Describe the Armed Occupation Act of 1842.
Who was Jacob Summerlin?
What's another name for a cracker pony?
How did the cow hunters communicate?
After four months of cow hunting and branding, what did cow hunters do the rest of the year?
Where did cattlemen take their cows to sell them?
What does the cowman's term "five quarters" mean?
What is tripe?
What is a "drag" Describe what it was used for.
What are three things a Florida cow Hunter needed to round up cattle?
In the 1850s, which two ports were important cattle markets?
Why is the cracker horse important in Florida's history?
When was the Third Seminole War? When did it end?
Name at least three places named for the Seminole Indians.
Why was Hillsborough County considered important in 1860?
How many counties were there in 1860?
How many counties are in Florida today?
Why were there cattle raids in the 1860s?
What port was used to ship cattle to Cuba?
What was the Corduroy Road?
Why was the Confederate Cow Cavalry (Cattle Guard) formed?
What famous inventor had a winter home in Florida?
What was the early name for Jacksonville? Why?
Where was the only major Civil War battle fought in Florida?
Why wasa the "Golden Flood" important in Florida's history?
Who was "Bones" Mizell?
What two means of transportation were used to ship cattle to Cuba?
Name at least three important cattlemen from the 1880s.
When did the first banks open in Florida? Who provided cash for these banks?
In 1885, what did Tampa become famous for? What was discovered in Tarpon Springs that year?
What's the name today for the old cow town once called Tater Hill Bluff?
Who were the Palmetto Cabbagers?
Who was the famous western artist who painted A Cracker Cowboy in 1895?
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