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Almost 1000 Species of Bats!

Charlotte and Ben from the U.K.

Wildlife Jeopardy (Scorpions) March 8, 2014



Parker, a 4 and 1/2 -year-old teller of TALL TALES

Wildlife Jeopardy (Skunks) January 8, 2014

Outdoor Event due to Education Center Renovation

Visitors from Brooksville, FL and Michigan

Barbara's Other Activities...

Wildlife Jeopardy (Eagles) December 14, 2013

Barbara with a sweet photographer named, JUSTICE!

Pinewood E.S, Stuart, FL May 4, 2013 Wildlife Jeopardy Program (Whooping Cranes)                          

Wildlife Jeopardy (Bobcats) April 13, 2013


 FCHNS Writng Workshop at Citrus Hills 4-12-2013

PLOT & CHARACTER with Judith Rock


 Five-year-old Bella with turtle carapace

Volunteer Appreciation Event March 2, 2013

Rainbow Springs State Park

Whip-Cracker, Jimmie J. with Catahoula Leopard dog, Ashes


Barbara with Jean and Kathy from east coast of Florida

Barbara with Park Visitors, Elly and Noland 01-23-2013

Wildlife Jeopardy (Otters) January 12, 2013

Celebration of Lights at HSWSP December 20, 2013

Wildlife Jeopardy Program "Flamingos" December 8, 2012

Lunch with Park Buddies October 30, 2013 at ABIGAIL'S in Dunnellon (Connie, Karen and Nancy)

Plotting Workshop Brainstorming Group 9-22-2012 

Juanita, Barbara, Loretta, Barbara G. and Rhonda

Barbara with 5-year-old home-schooler, Emily on her first field trip. September 5, 2012 Ellie Schiller HSWSP

Barbara with Author Clarissa Thomason at FCHNS Meeting September 1, 2012 Beverly Hills Library

Author with Presenter Loretta at PLOTTING WORKSHOP August 25, 2012 Homosassa Library

Wildlife Jeopardy (ARMADILLOS) May 12, 2012

Matthew from Georgia loves armadillos. (and red-eared sliders!)

Wildlife Jeopardy "REPTILES" April 14, 2012

Barbara presented with Friends of HSWSP Award  

April 11, 2012

Wildlife Jeopardy "BATS" March 10, 2012

Wildlife Jeopardy (Bears) February 11, 2012

Presenter with Home-Schoolers, Luke and MacKenzie

Wildlife Jeopardy Program (Amphibians) January 14, 2012

Ashley, a fourth grader loves ALL animals.

Wildlife Jeopardy Program (Opossums) 12-10-11

RED HATTER EVENT with Carolyn H.

Children's Education Center with Park Volunteers 11/11

"Author's Night" Lecanto, Florida 10-27-11

Author with 4th Grade Teachers and Parents

    Florida Chapter Historical Novel Society Members Set up For Fundraiser in Beverly Hills 10-14-11

        Barbara, Historian and Rick, Membership Chairman

 Joyce: President, Meredith: Critiques, Marian: Public Relations, Carol: Rules and Procedures, Barbara:Historian and Judy: VP and Programs 

UNF Writer's Conference August 5th-7th, 2011

Barbara with Children's Book Workshop Leaders

Jane Wood (

Frances Keiser (

 Critique Group: Elsie, Debbie, Pat, Melissa,Tom and Patty

Wildlife Jeopardy "OTTERS" May 14, 2011

Presentation "WHOOPING CRANE" May 5, 2011

Presbyterian Fellowship Hall, Crystal River, FL

"BOBCAT" PROGRAM April 9, 2011

Manatee Physicals at HSWSP April 6, 2011

Award Presented March 29, 2011

wildlife Jeopardy "DEER" March 12, 2011

Wildlife Jeopardy "COUGAR" February 19, 2011

Inaugual Meeting of Florida Chapter Historical Fiction Society

Central Ridge Library 1-3 p.m. February 5, 2011

Secretary, Loretta Rogers and Chairperson, Joyce Moore

Wildlife Jeopardy "Foxes" January 8, 2011

Wildlife Jeopardy "TURTLES" December 11, 2010

Highland Festival in Scotland, CT October 2010

 Annual get-together with Barbara's former music teacher

Catherine and Barbara at the

Goodspeed Opera House October 2010

 Visiting Family in Hampton, Connecticut 10/2010

Barbara with Sis and Brother-in-law, Bob

Niece Trudy and Family (Mike and Ben)

Nick and Jess

Niece Joan and Family (Jerry and Marina)

Their new adopted dog (Australian Cattle Dog) Ozzie

Ozzie arrived all the way from Florida

              along with other rescue dogs.

Two Good Friends from Labrador and Germany days

Evelyn and Barbara get together again

in New England (October 2010)

Red Hatters Visit Chihuly Collection Glass Exhibit 9-17-10

The Splendor of New England in Autumn (October, 2010)

             Possibilities for Future Paintings?

Barbara By Chihuly Creations St Petersburg, Florida 9-17-10

A Gorgeous Chihuly Chandelier

Author Joins Les Chapeaux Rouges Red Hatters Group

 Luncheon at McLeod's in Inverness, FL August 27, 2010

Author Pets and Feeds Rosie at Two Tails Ranch 8-23-10


Visit Two Tails Ranch at 18655 N.E. 81st Street, Williston, FL 32696 352-528-6585

Author Receives Surprise Gift from Hubby After Signing Contract for Picture Book, Gatsby's Adventure (July 2010)

3-ft tall "Gatsby will be a great addition at future

book signings for Gatsby's Adventure

Celebratory Luncheon with Elaine S. and Susan S. ( July,2010)

YEA! Signed a contract for my first picture book,

Gatsby's Adventure!

Wildlife Jeopardy "WOLVES" May 8, 2020

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park Volunteer

shows her painting of a Red Wolf during program

AMPHIBIAN PROGRAM ( Wildlife Jeopardy) 4-10-2010

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Presenter's Painting of a Pig Frog

NaNoWriMo "Cold Reads" March 27, 2010

Homosassa Public Library

L-R: Moderator: Flossie Benton

Authors: Loretta Rogers (See )

Elissa Malcohn (See "Malcohn's World" )

Barbara with Loretta for First Page "Cold Reads"

Barbara with Elissa for First Page "Cold Reads"

Wildlife Jeopardy March 20, 2010 Whooping Cranes

Handlers cannot talk when wearing the crane costume on left wall, but make a lot of noise to scare cranes out of wetlands (to follow ultralight) when playing "SWAMP MONSTER" (right photo)

District-Wide Volunteer Appreciation Day (FL State Parks)

 Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park March 13, 2010

HPWSP Volunteers, Karen and Barbara outside CEC,

their "hangout" on Wednesdays.

Park Volunteer Meeting March 9, 2010

Wednesday "Musketeers", Karen, Helen & Barbara

Three Authors Meet Up at Heritage Days (Homosassa)3-6-10

Elaine, Betty, and Barbara Share a FUN Moment!

Wildlife Jeopardy BEAR Program February 13, 2010

Wildlife Jeopardy Presentation (Reptiles)

January 9, 2010

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

"Which one is poisonous?" (Left, harmless Scarlet King Snake

and Right, deadly Coral Snake)

Wildlife Jeopardy Presentation (Armadillos)

December 19, 2009 Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Picture Book Boot Camp November 7, 2009

Lake City, FL (Columbia County)

Barbara with LISA WHEELER, Author and Leader of Boot Camp

LISA WHEELER, signing book for fellow writer

October 19, 2009 NaNoWriMo "Kick-Off" Meeting

(National Novel Writing Month) Inverness Library

Barbara with Panel Member/Author Loretta Rogers

Annual Chili Cook-Off Championship

Author wins 1st PLACE with

Barbara's Vegetarian Chili ($250.00 prize)  

Nature's Resort in Homosassa, FL October 10,2009

Music Group "TRI-PHI"

Father and Daughters Perform at Chili Cook-Off

SUMMER CAMP at Homosassa Springs Wildlife S.P. "Trader Jane" and Barbara at Nature Academy June 2009

Barbara and J.D. at Nature Academy June 2009

May 9, 2009

Wildlife Jeopardy (DEER Program)


Did you know that both female and male

caribou grow antlers?

April 11, 2009

Wildlife Jeopardy (Whooping Crane)

March 31, 2009

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park


6991 W. Cardinal Lane


 Owner of Homosassa Butterfly, Bobby Vigliotti

"Wildlife Jeopardy"

March 14, 2009

Program: FOXES 

There are 21 species of foxes!

Two kinds are found at the HSWSP...

The Gray Fox...

(Family of gray foxes in Barbara's yard)


Red Foxes

"Reading with Rocky Program"

February 14, 2009

Rocky looking over TURTLE Display

Who Knows the ANSWER?

The Carapace, the Plastron and the ...?

Different Feet for Different Turtles

Two H.S. Students from Ohio Visited as part of a school project.

Barbara's RWR Helpers

January 2009

Amphibian Program at Park

Barbara's Painting of a Pig Frog

Barbara showing picture of a Caecilian

Visitor's Center HSWSP December 2008


Reading with Rocky Program


May 10, 2008

Audience Interaction

                RADIO SPOT For HSWSP

April 29, 2008

STATION WGRO Crystal River

April 12, 2008 PARK


February 9, 2008

Reading with Rocky (Reptiles)

January 12, 2008

Reading with Rocky (Bats)

Homosassa Springs

 Wildlife State Park

December 8, 2007

Reading with Rocky Program



William, the park opossum

October 15, 2007

Reading and Writing Appreciation Day

Presentation of Owen & Mzee

(with Papier Mache Animals)

Homosassa Elementary School

LITERACY DAY Presentation